Just like Venmo.  But for Crypto.

A non-custodial & open-source cryptocurrency payment service,
which is secure, fault-tolerant & easy to use.
Send to Anyone with Ease
Now with Chainsfr, you can send cryptocurrency to anyone by email. The payee can easily deposit your payment with a Google account.
Say Goodbye to Human Errors
No more worrying about sending bitcoin to the wrong address. With "Security Answer", Chainsfr can prevent you from loss by accidental mistakes.

We prepare you 0.1 ETH on testnet to try our demo.

Google Logo
Seamless Integration with Google
Login without password
Own Your assets in Drive
Sync with all your devices
Stay secure with Google
We are on
Stay in Control & Organized
Take back control of your crypto experience. You will be able to cancel any payment before it is deposited. Chainsfr helps you keep track of all your payment history with print-ready receipts.
Ready for Your Wallets
Send and receive payment with your existing crypto wallets. Chainsfr supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 stable coins.

Never Compromise on Security

Non-Custodial Architecture
We do not have access to the private key of your assets or the security answer of your payments. You own your payments and assets completely.
Two-Factor Authentication
With Google existing 2-Step Verification, you’ll protect your account with both your password and your phone.
Security Compliance
Your payments and assets stay encrypted in your Google drive, which complies with SOC2 & SOC3 Security Principle.
Multi-Signature Escrow
Multi-signatures & smart contracts are used in the payment escrow architecture to ensure secure and smooth user experience.
Client-Side Encryption
All sensitive data is safely encrypted on your device before it is transmitted and stored in your Google drive.
Open Source
You are invited to join our latest develpments.

We are building more features. Your feedback will help us improve.